ITC planning and simulation tool


The following ITC planning tool (in a MS Excel format) is provided free of charge for academic use. Choose the appropriate spreadsheet for your titration method by clicking on the Perfusion or the Simple tab on the bottom. Choose Perfusion when the sample cell is filled up completely at the beginning of the titration. Choose Simple when the sample cell fills up during a titration. The input parameters are set at desired values. Injection volumes can be set independently for each titration. The titration graph and the heat values are then calculated automatically. The titration is simulated for a 1:1 binding equilibrium.



Please, cite this tool as follows:

Biswas, T. and Tsodikov, O.V. (2010) An easy-to-use tool for planning and modeling a calorimetric titration. Anal. Biochem., 406, 91-93.



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